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Model: Samsung i9200 application models (i9205/i9208/i9200...) Product Description: selection of high capacity of high-quality batteries, built-in dual protection device; laser inscribed coding, multiple anti-counterfeiting, advanced technology, unique; battery no memory effect, before charging without discharge, put it to use; use of lead-free SMT process, comply with environmental requirements; note: do not disassemble the battery; do not store batteries in more than 45 DEG C and placed in a high temperature environment or the fire, otherwise it might cause a battery explosion; do not key battery string and coins conductor mixed. In case of short circuit for the first time to use battery please rechargeable batteries have to buy insurance, please rest assured to buy! National quality inspection agency certification of the safety of electrical core: each battery of the electric core has an independent security encoding, and has a national quality inspection center to produce a report of the authority. AO protection / Japan MOSFET IC: control precision, error rate of less than 0.1%, security and stability is stronger than the general use of Taiwan products. Advanced low pressure injection molding technology: the use of German and Chinese injection molding packaging material, combined with low pressure injection molding technology, so as to make the battery insulation, waterproof, corrosion resistance, etc.. Environmental protection battery insulation protection film: the use of the EU environmental protection standards of PET material to effectively protect the battery, to avoid the battery and mobile phone direct contact caused by short circuit.

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TLIDA Samsung i9200 100--999 2.10 4
TLIDA Samsung i9200 1000--9999 2.00 7
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