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katon CD universal car holder

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[Color] black red
[Style] multiple fixed way, rotatable Variety car bracket
[Material] high-quality high-strength plastic
[Fixation] windshield outlet platform three kinds of fixation
[Suitable model] PDA, smart phones, MP4 etc.
[Product composition body, connecting rods, the outlet buckle, chuck base (can be pasted on the dashboard)
[Product Test Specification] minimum clearance around the slider closed about 4.8cm 9.5cm slider maximum distance Expand
[Packaging] color box packaging
There hydraulic damping, two-way bounce effect, smooth motion, noise, clamp arm opening degree. Coupled with different clip-board and table seat suitable for use, care foot part can be adjusted up and down movement, no longer have to worry about your body button will
1. Can automatically lock the phone
2. tougher arm, you can adjust the direction.
3. sucker strength enough, and adjustable suction.
4. The support frame relatively robust, easy to shake.
5. The two-layer sponge fixture prevent the love machine forward fall.
6. Place the front stalls, and adhesive power, will not shake, drop, and adjust the angle.
7. Use adhesive type fasteners, will not block the line of sight to the front.
◆ PDA or Smartphone + GPS positioning navigation necessary vehicle bracket, fixture width can be freely adjusted, the minimum 45MM, maximum 95MM, suitable for the market all models of PDA and smart phones, can also be placed horizontal screen for GPS navigation.
◆ Strong suction cups with large, stable suck prison on the windshield
◆ hydraulic force transmission design, free to adjust the sucker suction
◆ two-tier strengthen sponge fixture prevent falling forward love machine, you can also adjust up and down, easily applied to sections of the phone
◆ touch automatic open arms easily and quickly remove the machine
◆ bracket connecting rod, can debug any bending angle
【feature of product】
1. The structure, modeling novel and unique concept, to change the traditional hand-pressure wings, switch easily damaged when opened. Now as long as Gently press the phone instantly lock machine. Flexible and convenient to use.
2. With the hydraulic damping, two-way bounce effect
3. smooth motion, low noise, the clamp arm opening degree.
4. coupled with different clip-board and table seat suitable for use.
5. Applicable to all types of PDA and mobile phones.
Applicable range of products:
1. Phone: iphone3 / 4 / 4S, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, HTC, millet, Meizu full touch smartphone.
2. tachograph: touch-screen type tachograph
3.GPS navigation: touch-screen type tachograph

1. Product fashion appearance of small, does not block the sightline, do not take up space inside the car!
2. rotate smoothly, can be placed horizontally, Kennedy put, arbitrary rotation angle heart!
3. The pneumatic power transmission design, free to adjust the suction sucker!
4. Using non-slip soft pads stripe, effective slip; strong earthquake with large sucker!
5. The selection of material resistant to high temperature, can be permanently maintained between the suction cup suction temperature of minus -15 ℃ and 80 ℃!

Remove the installation method:
1. When installation, the first protective film sucker posted torn up bounce buckle handle, the suction cup is pressed against the windshield, buckle handle press (cradle gently rocking it), so tightly sucked wind on glass;
2. Remove, just the buckle handle bombs, hold the sucker air into the ear, it can easily take off; the operation is very simple!
1 Corporate uniform application of neutral color box packaging.
2 can also be based on customer requirements or provide color box packaging.
3 packaging according to customer requirements or OEM.
Sku Name Quantity(Box) Price(US) Delivery days(Day)
katon CD universal car holder 100--1000 2.40 7
katon CD universal car holder 1001--5000 2.30 15
katon CD universal car holder 5001--10000 2.20 25
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